The Amazing Talent of: 375 Photography Inc

How many Justins does it take to run a successful wedding business, well the answer is two, Justin Wojtczak and Justin McGough of 375 Photography. These guys are an amazing duping when it comes to capturing those moments on that special day. I was lucky enough to shadow them on a few weddings, and the connection and trust which they make with their clients is by far one of the most amazing I have ever seen. If you think the names Justin Wojtcak and Justin McGough sound familiar, that is because they were the winners of  Fstoppers 2001 BTS Contest. They submitted an amazing video depicting how they approach a wedding, not only is it fun to watch but it is also full of great information.

The duo as since continued to produce great reviews and how-to videos, my favorite being their, “Trash The Dress” video. They have recently taken a huge step forward in the realm of education and have just finished filming a class for, where they will be giving an in-depth look into how to run and grow a successful photography business. He shares a few of these tips, in this recent episode of The Grid. For information on this dynamic photography duo, head over to 375 Photography, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


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